Love God and change the world!

THERE IS SOMETHING FUNDAMENTALLY DEEP within our Soul that desires, even yearns for, something more, something deeper, something… real. We yearn, for God.

It’s a feeling, we can’t quite put our finger on – and if gone unanswered, over time, it becomes a burning fire that can’t be extinguished. It consumes us; it gnaws at us from the inside out, like a pitbull fighting its way to the surface. It’s a subtle, but loud voice, that calls to us from within the silence of our own consciousness – no matter where we are. And the more we try to drown it out the louder it gets. The invitation into a life with God is a call that is hard to avoid. It’s an invitation that’s always trying to get our attention; and like an invitation to Hogwarts in Harry Potter, God will send as many owls and messengers as it takes to get through to us. Breaking through whatever tries to block the way.

If you feel that call to enter into a life closer to God… a life of transformation through ministry and mentorship, then the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE may be the answer for you through its FOCUS ON FAITH-LEADERSHIP EDUCATION program: the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE.

The PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE is an inclusive, transdenominational, GLBT affirming endeavor that recognizes the importance of strong and effective faith-leadership in the Progressive Christian movement. The PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE facilitates opportunities to get active and get involved in the future direction of our emerging Christian faith as a Progressive Christian community. As well as help those to meet their needs to be ambassadors of love and compassionate service to those in their community.

The PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE does this by being an educational environment for those who seek a life in ministry, as well as, for those ministers who wish to deepen their own relationship with God (and enrich the lives of others) by being teachers and instructors to the next generation of Christian leaders and clergy. The PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE also provides supplemental education and ministry support whether you’re already a ministry, religious studies, or theology student wanting to enhance your understanding by putting more tools in your theological tool box; or if you’re an established minister, part of a clergy, or a Christian community who simply wishes to become more in-touch with a more authentic understanding of your Christian faith. If you wish to deepen your Christian literacy.

To connect with the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE, contact the PCA Mentorship Committee by emailing them at for more information. Or find the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE through the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE (PCA) website:, or, through the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN ALLIANCE Facebook community page. All of the members of the Mentorship Committee will be happy to assist you in understanding the mentorship process, which is available as a Word document. Both the Mentorship Committee and the Leadership Council are committed to providing you with the proper application and/or affiliation forms that are to be emailed back and processed by the PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN MENTORSHIP ALLIANCE, so you can be on your way to fulfilling your call to the greatest vocation life offers. A life in ministry and mentorship.

For YOU are the light of the world: so love God and change the world!


  1. Interesting. I am a *former* minister, now Eastern Orthodox … but my values definitely remain Progressive. Is there some way I could become involved? Would love to discuss it with someone at PCA.

  2. I believe there certainly would be a way to be involved. Roger, who contacted you earlier, can talk to you best about the ordination process. For information on our mentoring program, please contact me at I have a deep respect for the Eastern Orthodox tradition and I am certain we could find ways in which to include you in the ministry efforts we are engaged.

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