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The structure of The Progressive Christian Alliance is organic and fluid. We have been called both “interdenominational” and “post-denominational” due to our refusal to view fellow brothers and sisters as “less-than” across denominational lines.  While we have grown from a loose network of local churches and individuals with a common mission to a more complex structure due to growth around the world, we still maintain the grassroots-style, bottom-up leadership that defined our beginnings and defined the early Church.

“Intercommunion” with our members, churches, and affiliates is the best way to describe our structure.  Deep relationships are the key.  The Progressive Christian Alliance is the umbrella of faith and communion that all are welcomed to gather under while maintaining their own identities and virtual autonomy.

Per our Articles of Faith, Constitution, and Canon; the Leadership Council oversees the day-to-day functions of The Progressive Christian Alliance.  The Conference Leaders, serve the churches, communions, and individuals within their conference area. The individuals, churches, organizations, missions, and communions that join and/or affiliate with The Progressive Christian Alliance are served by their respective Conference Leaders as well as the Leadership Council.

The Progressive Christian Alliance believes that no one church, mission, organization, or individual makes up the total body of Christ. Therefore, The Progressive Christian Alliance communion is bound together by a common mission and goal: to spread the good news of God through the radical and inclusive message of Jesus of Nazareth; leaving no one uninvited.

By using the term affiliate, we seek to offer congregations and ministers the opportunity to form a stronger denominational bond with the Progressive Christian Alliance. PCA congregations and ministers will retain virtual autonomy in their congregational and ministerial endeavors while having the support of a denominational body.

PCA affiliates consist of those whose ordinations were affirmed by the Progressive Christian Alliance, as well as those who were ordained in other denominations but choose a close affiliation with the Progressive Christian Alliance in addition to their home denominations. Regardless of how our affiliates came to join forces with us, they retain full membership in the PCA, and retain the right to modify that alliance at will.

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Progressive Christian Alliance Initiatives

The Party of the Lamb

ReviveUS – Progressive Liturgical resources

Open Table ~ The Webzine of the Progressive Christian Alliance

Reverend Roger McClellan Anniston AL
Reverend Melissa McClellan Anniston AL
Reverend Peter Lambert Baldivis Australia subversive.org.au
Reverend Carlos Santiago Sierra Vista AZ
Reverend David Stambaugh Los Angeles CA
Reverend Darryl Wooldridge Long Beach CA deeplightministries.com; dlmin.com
Rev. Dr. John O’Keefe Rancho Cordova CA ginkworld.net
Reverend David Coyle Largo FL
Reverend Mike Davis Okeechobee FL
Reverend James Keller Largo FL
Reverend Terry McGuire Largo FL https://www.facebook.com/pages/LivingStones-CUC-PCA-at-Lincolnshire/143399995673930
Reverend Joe Parramore Brandon FL
Reverend Lee Steele Winter Haven FL www.gracerestorationfellowship.org
Reverend Daryl Taylor-Hazel Clermont FL minsterflorida.com
Reverend Linda Fessenden FL
Reverend Bill Russo FL
Reverend Tom Buchanon Marietta GA
Reverend Jarrod Cochran Canton GA www.wix.com/jarrodcochran/jarrod-cochran
Reverend Bruce Edwards Decatur GA
Anna Hall Atlanta GA
Reverend Robert Patrick Lawrenceville GA www.tendingthepath.com
Reverend Michael Sabani Mariettta GA michaelsabani.me
Reverend Pat Green Bolingbrook IL http://piratetopastor.com
Reverend Ford Frazer Wood River IL
Reverend Ann Joyce Collinsville IL
Reverend Jerry Joyce Collinsville IL
Reverend Daniel Payne Anyang Korea http://krcf.weebly.com
Reverend Robert Coats Cambridge MA www.therevsisterbishop.blogspot.com/
Reverend Edward Knight Springfield MA
Reverend Reg Richberg Cambridge MA
Reverend Richard Warden Arnold MD
Reverend Jim Ramelis Gould City MI
Right Reverend Brian Brown Hollister MO www.shepherds-heart.org
Reverend Roger Ray Springfield MO www.spfccc.org
Reverend Zac Bailes Winston-Salem NC www.libsandcons.com
Reverend Michael Michael Thomasville NC
Reverend Micah Royal Fayetteville NC
Reverend Katharine Royal Fayetteville NC
Reverend Dr. T. Marquis Ramsey Thomasville NC www.ststephenbaptistchurch.net
Reverend Heather Janes Churchville NY
 Loving Hands Fellowship
Reverend Derek Davis Rochester NY
Callid Keefe-Perry Rochester NY
Reverend Amy Lundquist Rochester NY  Loving Hands Fellowship
Reverend Karha` Us Herkimer NY
Reverend Ted Rarner Castile NY
 Loving Hands Fellowship
Reverend Wesley Brooks OH
Reverend Dave Jones McCutchenville OH
Reverend Thurlow Weed Lancaster OH
Reverend Susannah Sbragia Springfield OR http://www.facebook.com/TheKeysOfTheKingdom
Reverend Jason Derr Portland OR
Reverend Don Hildenbrand Eugene OR http://www.facebook.com/TheKeysOfTheKingdom
Reverend Beth Ann Abbot Doylestown PA www.soul-full.mysite.com
Reverend William Melnyck Philadelphia PA www.ninthwavechurch.com
Reverend Donna Geiger Philadelphia PA
Reverend Shaheen Bhatti Lahore Pakistan
Rev. Dr. Rev. Dr. Samuel Sostre San Juan Puerto Rico
Reverend David Gillespie Greenville SC
Reverend Peter Leslie Ayr Scotland
Reverend David Blyler Sakon Nakhon Thailand
Reverend Tony Haynes Calhoun TN https://www.facebook.com/WhoSoEverMinistries#!/WhoSoEverMinistries
Right Reverend Linda Marie Nelson Nashville TN
Right Reverend Lee Petersen Weatherford TX ofjcommunity.org
Reverend Russell Van Hoose Providence Village TX randomsabbath.blogspot.com
Reverend Tim Schomp Baytown TX
Reverend Gregory Spayd Corpus Christi TX stgenpcc.org
Reverend Ashley Beckham Waco TX
Reverend John Churcher St Albans UK www.permissiontospeak.org.uk
Reverend David Gray Manchester UK www.creoginity.org
Reverend George Elerick London UK http://theloverevolution.org.uk
Reverend Mark Marsh Sutton, Merseyside UK
Reverend Mark Slater Sutton, Merseyside UK
Reverend Mark Townsend Leominster UK
Reverend David Townsend Chipping Norton UK
Reverend William Ireland Penzance UK
Right Reverend Paul Burrows-Gibson UK
Reverend Marian Edmonds Salt Lake City UT http://cohslc.org/
Reverend Colin Keller Richmond VA
Reverend Barbara Tarvid Fairfax VA
Reverend Jim Tarvid Fairfax VA
Reverend Rob Figley Vancouver WA
Reverend Edward Hassertt Tacoma WA http://www.ynotme.org
Reverend Eileen Knoff Redmond WA
Reverend Pam Marolla Milwaukee WI

Ministry Partners

Our ministry partners are those autonomous organizations that have discovered a strong sense of kinship with the Progressive Christian Alliance, and wish a mutual affiliation; whilst retaining their independence from the PCA.

The Progressive Christian Alliance seeks to give a stronger voice and offer a broad support network to our ministry partners.

Unfundamentalist Christians

The God Article

Crazy Liberals and Conservatives

Order of the Friends of Jeshua – Served by Bishops Lee Peterson and Linda Marie nelson

Christ’s Catholic Church ~ An Ecumenical Free Catholic Church

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