We enter this New Year amid much confusion as to what the gospel message means to people living today. While outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams expresses regret at the outcome of the Anglican church vote on women bishops, which he admits damages the credibility of the Church of England; Catholic Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols makes an attack on same sex marriage that is deeply bewildering to people still reeling from his churches attempts to cover up the abuse of children by some of its priests. Christians and none-Christians alike are disturbed by the reluctance of patriarchal church institutions to affirm love, challenge abuse of power and stand firm for the gospel example of Jesus.


The Progressive Christian Alliance invites Christians of all denominations to reclaim the gospel example of Jesus in meeting people of all faiths and none with challenge but without proselytising and minus the judgementation and exclusion that have confused people as to what Jesus message means for us today.


PCA UK Coordinator Rev. David Gray explains: “Our members are men and women within many Christian traditions, including: Roman Catholic; Anglican; Methodist; United Reformed Church and Baptist, as well as others who are drawn to Jesus message but have struggled to find others for whom it has not been manipulated by centuries of conditioning. As we approach a New Year with its new possibilities and opportunities and as damaged and damaging institutional approaches crumble, PCA reaches out to those who are regrouping to play their part in an inclusive body of Christ on earth, ready to affirm and nurture those who God is making ready to affirm and nurture the whole human family”.


“PCA is not calling people out of churches they already belong to”, David continued. “We recognise that they are needed where God has placed them to gently remind each other of Jesus example. Nor are we an opposition movement. PCA is a globally developing body of Christians who hear the groaning of nature, the cries of abused children, the despair of the oppressed and the sighs of the suffering and marginalised and we want to respond to those cries not as rescuers but as people who empower others, lighting their candle from the flame of our own that is itself lit by the light of God everywhere. Many lay people, clergy and even some bishops are already welcoming of the moral support PCA offers as they challenge things they are uncomfortable with in their own rooms of faith”.


      Rev. David Gray

      PCA UK Coordinating Team

      St. Francis Monastery

      89 Gorton Lane

      Manchester – M12 5WF







The Progressive Christian Alliance is a body of men and women who:

  • Seek to follow the example of Jesus
  • Have a heart for social justice
  • Respect theological diversity
  • Welcome all to their rightful place at the table

   T: 07927 734 419 E:

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