staffThroughout the history of the faith, there have come from time to time, great awakenings and reformations within the church. Such reformations have often begun in areas where the institutional church has been most repressive. We feel that we are on the cusp of such a reformation.

As the vision that became the Progressive Christian Alliance began to be revealed the co-founders Roger and Melissa in Anniston, Alabama, little did we know that an almost identical vision had been given to Jarrod and Anna in Atlanta, GA. with The Progressive Christian Movement.

As we each learned of the other organization’s presence and shared vision, we entered discussions and have agreed to merge the organizations under the umbrella of the Progressive Christian Alliance.

Leadership Council:

Rev. Ann Joyce – Chair

Rev. Heather Marie Janes -Co-Chair

Rev. Ted Warner – Secretary

Rev. Ally Howell – Treasurer

Ivy Lake Light – At-large

Regional Servant Leaders:

United States:
West Coast: Rev. John Contabile

Great Lakes Region:  Rev. Lyle Devine

Southeast Region: Rev.  Roger McClellan

Puerto Rico: Rev.  Samuel Sostre

PA and surrounding areas:  Rev.  Beth Beyer Abbott

MidAtlantic:  Rev. Micah Royal


United Kingdom/Europe:   Rev.  David Gray

Asia:   Rev. Daniel Payne

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