"I am the Vine and ye are the branches" John 15:5
The Progressive Christian Alliance
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About The Progressive Christian Alliance

We are an alliance of ministers and churches, small and large, liturgical and evangelical, contemplative and charismatic.

While we retain our individuality, we are united in belief that a faith in Christ is a faith that demands action- A faith that calls us out of our comfort zones, to love all -

A faith that leads us to embrace unity and celebrate diversity.

We are followers of Christ who believe that the lessons taught by Christ while on the earth are equally as important as his sacrifice.

We are people of faith who believe that the depth of one's devotion to God can be measured by the lengths one goes show love to their neighbor.

Why the Progressive Christian Alliance?

Even among progressive Christians, there are divisive issues that often stand in the way of full acceptance or cooperation.

It is the goal of the Progressive Christian Alliance to give voice to progressive christians regardless of denomination or affiliation.

The Progressive Christian Alliance aims to provide a place where unity of purpose trumps orthodoxy of belief or dogmatic principles.

Although the progressive Christian movement has gained strength and momentum in recent years, progressives often find themselves feeling like veritable islands in a sea of conservative fundamentalism. Furthermore, progressive congregations are often so divided on issues of dogma or polity that a true alliance on the greater issues of social justice are not addressed in a common voice.

PCA hopes to provide a venue:

For those individuals who feel somewhat out-of-step with their home congregations to raise their own voices in a more progressive message.

For progressive congregations to join their voices with other progressives across denominational lines without sacrificing their own denominational identity.

For independent churches to form a stronger denominational bond with other like-minded congregations without compromising their identity.




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